You will be required to have nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to the examination time. For this reason, the exam is usually scheduled first thing in the morning.

Begin drinking 24 oz of WATER one and a half hours before your scheduled appointment time. Finish drinking within 30 minutes (one hour before your appointment) and do not empty your bladder until the procedure has been completed. Example: If your appointment is at 2:00, begin drinking 24oz of water at 12:30, and have it finished by 1:00.

If your bladder becomes unbearably full while waiting for your exam, it is ok to partially empty your bladder to relieve pressure.

No preparation necessary. You may be asked to remove any necklace or low hanging earrings you may be wearing. It is best to wear a tank top or shirt with a wide collar.

There is no preparation necessary.

There is no preparation necessary.

There is no preparation necessary.

There is no preparation is necessary. You will be asked to remove any necklaces or low hanging earrings.

There is no preparation necessary.

Fast for 4 hours prior to your screening and make sure the meal you eat four hours prior to your screening is a light one.

If you are thirsty you may have half a cup of coffee or tea and a moderate amount of water. Take any daily medication as prescribed. If you are diabetic and are not comfortable fasting for four hours, please limit yourself to a "diabetic meal" (piece of toast, one cup of any kind of juice and a half of a cup of coffee or tea). If you are in doubt, please follow your diabetic care plan.

Yes we do! At Advanced Sonograms of Alaska we regularly upgrade our 3D/4D ultrasound machines to provide the latest in available technology.

View amazing images obtained in our office:

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We are very excited to offer a new way to deliver your ultrasound videos and images. In addition to paper printouts, you can now receive digital videos and images sent directly to your smartphone so you can easily share with your loved ones. This is a complimentary service provided to you just for choosing us.

In emergent cases, or if requested by your referring provider, a preliminary report of findings will be provided immediately following the examination. Final reports are typically available in the morning of the next business day.

Yes. We accept Medicare assignment.

In pregnancy, a full bladder will help us "see "your baby. As the bladder fills it pushes the uterus and baby up and away from the pelvic bones, making him or her easier to see. Also, a full bladder helps us see the cervix to look for early signs of premature delivery.

In gynecology, a full bladder positions the uterus in a way that makes it easier to examine. As the bladder fills, it also pushes the intestine up and out of the way. The fluid in the bladder serves as an "acoustic window" through which we can see the uterus and ovaries.