first trimester ultrasound

anchorage first trimester sonogram


A first trimester sonogram is commonly performed between 5 and 10 weeks gestation age to determine the location of the pregnancy, number of fetuses, heart rate and to evaluate the maternal uterus and ovaries. The scan is performed with a transvaginal transducer.

Other Indications for the Exam:

  • Uncertain last menstrual period
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Pelvic pain
  • History of miscarriages
  • History of tubal pregnancy

What to Expect

You will be asked to lie on an exam table, completely draped from the waist down. The sonographer will ask you to insert the ultrasound transducer into the vagina, or if preferred, you may ask the sonographer to do so for you. The transducer will be placed in contact with the uterus, revealing a detailed view of the womb. The transducer will remain in the vagina for approximately 10 minutes. A female will either perform the exam or assist a male sonographer throughout the exam. The procedure is not painful unless you are experiencing abnormal tenderness at the time.

The transvaginal probe is covered with a NON-LATEX sheath.

Exam Preparation

Begin drinking 24 oz of WATER 1-½ hours before your scheduled appointment time and do not empty your bladder until the procedure has been completed.

If your bladder becomes unbearably full prior to your exam, it is ok to partially empty your bladder to relieve pressure.